India's Top Screenwriter Delivers Aamir Khan And Priyanka Chopra's Next Script And Is Going To Write Biopic About Modern Day Revolutionary - Satinder Dhillon - Next

Mumbai, India - October 12th, 2017 - 

Anjum Rajabali, who is considered one of India's premier screenwriters and is the head of the screenwriting department at Whistling Woods in Mumbai, India (which the Hollywood Reporter named one of ‘The best film schools in the world’), has known businessman and social activist, Satinder Dhillon, for many years and is a close personal friend of his. The two have been discussing writing a movie about his life for some time now. (

Rajabali has followed the trials and tribulations that Dhillon has faced in Canada for many years. Dhillon fought one of the most historic freedom of speech cases in the history of Canada. (

After a recent meeting in Mumbai, at Whistling Woods, a few weeks ago, Rajabali and Dhillon intend to work together in the coming months, to take an 18 plus year battle that is well documented in court files, transcripts and sworn affidavits, and make a screenplay out of it. This screenplay is expected to eventually star an A-list Bollywood actor.

Anjum Rajabali and Satinder Dhillon at Whistling Woods International Film School
"Satinder's life reads like an adventure, and the struggle that he has gone through in this case lends itself to a very dramatic and thrilling story" stated Rajabali when asked about why he was taking on this project.

Rajabali, earlier this year, finished the script about the first Indian in space. Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra will be starring in the movie. (

Having worked with a number of India's best known directors and actors, including the legendary Amitabh Bachnan, Rajabali heads the screenwriting programs at both of India's major film schools - the official Film and Television institute of India and the aforementioned Whistling Woods International, which was founded by Bollywood producer/director Subhash Ghai.

An activist himself, Anjum Rajabali, has previously written scripts such as Ghulam for Aamir Khan, Aarakshan for Amitabh Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan, Ranjneeti for Ranbi Kapoor and Katrina Kaif and The Legend of Bhagat Singh for Ajay Devgn, Pukar for Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit (

Dhillon was recently featured in the special publication about Punjabis around the world, known as the Jewels of Punjab. He was one of the top 100 ‘Leading Global Punjabi Personalities’. 

This book also features former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (who was the guest of honor at the unveiling, which took place on August 14th at the Ashok hotel in Delhi).

The opening paragraph of the story, contained in that publication about Dhillon, reads as follows:

“Though no more are there the struggles for independence that fighters like Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad fought for, there is still a constant need of modern day revolutionaries in the world like Mr. Satinder Paul Singh Dhillon.” 

“He is an entrepreneur, strategist, social activist, writer and is known around the world for the historic freedom of speech case he fought in Canada.”

“Canadian judges have commended him for his legal ability. One judge was even quoted as saying that Dhillon is “better than most lawyers”, this despite not having a law degree.”

Satinder Dhillon at the Supreme Court of British Columbia
with some of his supporters in 2014 during his trial. Jamshed Mistry on the far right on his phone.
The special coffee table book, which is being delivered to embassies and consulates around the world, chronicles Dhillon’s story of growing up on a farm and then becoming an international businessman. His ‘Success Mantra’ in the book states “Where there’s a will there is a way”. And he credits his Sikh upbringing to helping him tremendously in life.

Satinder Dhillon, Emmet Pierce, his aunt, mother and cousin at the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Other global entrants in the book include, top ten Forbes list earning actor - Akshay Kumar, President and CEO of Mastercard – Ajay Singh Banga, current Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh, Air Chief Marshal – Birender Singh Dhanoa, Surender Singh Kandhari (Chairman of International Conglomorate Al Dobowi and Chairman of Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara in Dubai), President of World Punjabi Organization Padma Shri Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Dr. Narinder Kapany (the 'Father of Fiber Optics'), former Governor of South Carolina and current Ambassador to the United Nations for America Dr. Nimrata ‘Nikki’ Haley, famous Punjabi farmer known as the ‘Peach King’ Sardar Didar Singh Bains, Senior Dentist and Chairman of Sharing, Caring & Service Foundation Dr. Amarjit Singh Marwah, President and CEO of PTC Network - Rajiee M. Shinde, Founder of The Loomba Group of Companies - Right Honourable Lord Raj Loomba, CBE.

Other Canadians in the book include, Wally Oppal (former Attorney General and Court of Appeal Judge in Vancouver, B.C.), Canada's current Minister of Defence – Harjit Singh Sajjan, lumber tycoon - Dr. Asa Singh Johal (the oldest person in the book), International Businessman and Canada's first Sikh Billionaire - Erwin Singh Braich, property developer Daljit Singh Thind, Chiropractor and politician - Dr. Ruby Dhalla, and 31 year old Arjan Singh Bhullar (the youngest entrant in the book) who is the first South Asian in the UFC, and first South Asian to represent Canada in the Olympics and Commonwealth Gold Medal winner for freestyle wrestling.

Bhullar also recently made history on September 9, 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta, by becoming the first Punjabi to win in the UFC. (

Satinder Dhillon & Arjan Bhullar after his win in his first fight at UFC 215 in Edmonton
Balpreet Kaur Matharu, originally from Kenya, who was voted the Best Asian Female Business Icon in 2013 and currently works as the Principal Pharmacist in Seychelles, was the second youngest entrant at 35 years of age. Dhillon is the third youngest entrant, at 39 years old.

Dhillon who comes from humble beginnings, having grown up in Abbotsford, a small farming community in Canada, is known around the world now for his social activism and bravery for having risked his life after he was threatened by the world’s fourth largest accounting firm – KPMG – and others. He took a stand against corruption, the government, and multi-national corporations and he literally nearly died doing it.

PTC News Interview by Amritjit Saran

Dhillon was in his early twenties when the world's fourth largest accounting firm, KPMG, first entered into his life after they were appointed receiver in the botched and involuntary bankruptcy proceedings of Canada's first Sikh Billionaire, Erwin Singh Braich ( These are the longest proceedings of their kind in Canadian history having lasted over 18 years and counting now. 

Erwin Braich and Satinder Dhillon
When Dhillon first embarked on his international business career, he was introduced to Mr. Erwin Singh Braich, a very famous Indo-Canadian businessman (son of the legendary, Herman Singh Braich Sr. who came to Canada in 1927.(

Erwin guided Satinder as they embarked on new ventures involving mining, real estate, technology, and commodities trading among other things.

Erwin Singh Braich - What Really Happened?

Dhillon is a creditor in the aforementioned involuntary bankruptcy proceedings and is owed over $3 million. It has been alleged that over $800 million in damages was caused by KPMG, the government, and others to Braich and his creditors.

During his extraordinary journey, Dhillon has met a lot of people around the world and made many friends who are also fighting against injustice. There are many notable individuals that have joined him in his fight. One of them is his very close friend, trusted advisor, and his personal lawyer Mr. Jamshed Mistry.

Mistry is a member of the Mumbai Bar Association and an associate member of the Canadian Bar Association. He is a very accomplished lawyer and has the most Amicus Curiae (judicial appointments) in the Bombay High Court.

Satinder Dhillon and Jamshed Mistry at the Bombay High Court
He is also the former President of the Entertainment Lawyers Association in India and has represented many high profile celebrity clients. His clients also include The Reserve Bank of India and Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking.

Mistry is also very well known for his social activism and spends much of his time working for social causes, particularly the rights of the disabled as he is on the sub-committee of the Planning Commission which is reviewing the legislation for disabled persons in India.

Mistry was also the legal consultant in Canada to the Times of India Film Awards (TOIFA), that took place in Vancouver in April 2013, in which the B.C. Provincial government invested $11 million to host the extravaganza (

Enrique Vidal, Luke Meijer, Satinder Dhillon, Jamshed Mistry and Matt Cameron in North Vancouver after a day of court.

Recently Misty was appointed legal advisor to the International Delphic Council who are in the process of organizing the International Delphic Games, which would be the equivalent of the Olympics for art, performing arts, and culture in India. The Delphic Games find their roots in ancient Greece. (

Mistry was invited to assist the Goa Law Commission in setting up the first institutional International Arbitration Centre in Goa. He is a member of the Media Information and Communication Centre of India.

He is also on the board of directors of the Indo Canadian Business Chamber in Mumbai and is on the advisory board of SAFF Canada (South Asian Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada) and several international fashion weeks held in various cities within India and is on the advisory board of VISAFF (Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival) which he attends annually. This year it will be held in Surrey, B.C. (

Satinder Dhillon, Director Anurag Kashyap and Jamshed Mistry in Vancouver
Mr. Mistry has recently been appointed as the Vice Chairman of the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce and is on the advisory committee of the U.S./India Investors Forum.

He has given lectures for Media Information and Communication Centre of India, SAFF Canada (South Asian film Festival Vancouver, Canada), Film Writers Association, Pravin Gandhi College of Law, and various fashion institutes, etc.

First press conference in Goa at the Mandovi Hotel

Dhillon and Mistry have co-founded Global Legal Solutions and they both advise in their respective capacities on high profile matters around the world, legal and otherwise, for the greater good of humanity. Dhillon was asked to advise European citizens living in the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

Satinder Dhillon & Jamshed Mistry -
First press conference in Goa at the Mandovi Hotel
World renowned lawyer, from England, Mr. Mark Stephens (who has represented Julian Assange among others) was also part of Dhillon’s international legal advisory team during his trial in Canada.
( They also consulted together on the aforementioned Brexit vote aftermath.

During his trial in Canada, Dhillon even received advice from one of Nelson Mandela's former lawyers – Mr. Martin Garbus of the U.S. who is widely regarded as one of the greatest trial attorneys to have ever lived and whom Time magazine called “legendary”. His client list includes Eminem, Al Pacino, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Spike Lee, Martin Lawrence, Nobel Prize winners and political dissidents such as Vaclav Havel and many more.(

“Activism is the rent you pay for your space on earth.” is what Dhillon says when asked why he spends his time doing what he does now.

Mo Dhaliwal, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Satinder Dhillon
Along with his business interests around the world, Satinder now spends a great deal of his time and effort assisting individuals who have been marginalized and organizations that are trying to make the world a better place.

"Even though I have appealed the verdict, whereby I was not allowed to use the truth to defend myself in court and had to go to prison for writing truthful blogs, it looks like the only justice I’m ever going to get is going to be having the story told accurately on the silver screen.”

“Growing up life was pretty simple, it was school for ten months and farm work for two months in the summer and sometimes during the year. This was my life year in year out for many years. I was the happiest kid when summer ended and we were allowed to go back to school because I didn’t like the farm work, having to be in the blazing hot sun every summer working.”

“We had two T.V. stations, for the most part, when I lived on the farm and one of the very few luxuries I was allowed was to rent a movie every now and again, so I picked carefully when I did get the opportunity.”

“I was always was attracted to stories of the underdog fighting back against the system and winning in the end. From civil rights movies to the age old battles of good versus evil, that is what I watched growing up. Courtroom dramas and the fight for truth and justice type of movies were where my heart and mind were as a youngster.”

Satinder Dhillon and Canadian Minister of Defence - Harjit Sajjan
“And there were always Indian movies playing at our house because my parents watched them all the time. I loved the action films where the main character fought back against impossible odds.”

“Bollywood movies back then were much more similar than the diverse stories you see today and I must admit the love stories that most of them had in them were heartwarming to watch. Of course I listened to the music from these films and still do to this day. They help a person feel the more loving side that existence on this planet can be sometimes.”

My own parents had this incredible love story and it was the whole reason why I ended up being born in Canada. They fell in love in the 1960s and my dad decided that Canada was the place to start a new life.

Satinder Dhillon and his mother Surjit Dhillon after receiving the award for Emerging Leader
In the Jewels of Punjab publication, when referring to his parents and his childhood, it states this:

“Satinder is absolutely proud and beaming on the mention of his parents. Migrating to India from Lyallpur (now in Pakistan) to Nakodar, Punjab, during the partition were the families of two friends, Sardar Lachman Singh Dhillon and Sardar Mohan Singh Chandi, from two different castes and economical backgrounds. Back then these were the two greatest vices in Indian subcontinent.

Lachman Singh’s son, Santokh Singh, decided to leave home at a tender age of 15 due to difficult family circumstances and began, studying in a school in Gurgaon (now Gurugram). He grew up to study Engineering, and later went on to start a travel agency when he eventually returned as an adult to Nakodar. However, it was not meant to run for long.

Santokh was soon to fall in love with the eldest daughter of Sardar Chandi, Surjit Kaur. The two young lovebirds promised each other their worlds. Though, their parents could not agree to it, because of the caste and economical difference between them. In search of a better life for the two of them, in 1966, Santokh left India for England and after a couple of years, he went to Winnipeg, Vancouver, and ultimately settled in Quesnel.

The engineer took up labour work in a lumber mill, working hard and gradually growing to buy a small property of his own. It took over seven years to bring Surjit along with him to Canada from the time he first left India. Standing by their promises, staying hopeful, and finally meeting their destination, it reads right out of a Bollywood movie. They made a promise to each other and even though things got extremely difficult along the way, they kept their word.

Satinder’s early years were not too easy on him. He loved being in school, though summer vacations meant he would have to work on farms. He grew up with a very strict father and mother who taught him the value of hard work and ethics at a very young age. “Growing up seemed like a military camp at times” recalls Satinder.

“Sometimes I look back at my life now and think to myself how could all this happen in a place like Canada and consume so much of my life? My parents came here so that their lives and mine would be simpler and that we would be protected by the laws of this country.”

“Now when I look back, I feel I’m so fortunate to have made it out alive and that a movie is being made about all of it. I never imagined anything in my life would have turned out to be interesting enough to be the subject of a film. So in that regard I firmly believe that in life sometimes you have to take the lemons you are given and make lemonade and I think I’ve done that. It’s kinda blue colored lemonade like KPMG’s logo in this case but it’s lemonade nonetheless! Very surreal at times when I take a minute to think about my life so far, that’s for sure.” added Dhillon.

Satinder Dhillon and his grandmother Inder Kaur Chandi
Documentary about Inder Kaur Chandi

Colonial Era Law in Canada Has No Place for Truth as a Defence:

“The way the decision stands now, the decision that was made by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, it can be used against others to prevent them from using the truth in court to defend themselves. I feel it is my obligation to help fix the law because of all the good Canada has given my family and I.”

“I still believe in this country and all the good it offers to its citizens and the appeal process could be one way that things could possibly be set straight again in Canada. It’s for the betterment of the country if that does happen. That’s why we have these mechanisms and even though they have failed me before many times and have only been used to further exhaust our time and resources, I will yet again try to give the court a chance to right a horrible wrong. I am prepared to take this all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if need be, eventually, after the Court of Appeal in British Columbia hears the matter, which is expected to happen next year sometime”.

UFC fighter - Arjan Bhullar, Satinder Dhillon and WWE champion Jinder Mahal
“Only I know and God knows, what I’ve truly had to endure and within two or three hours in a movie the story cannot be told in its entirety but the overall point will be made I’m sure.”

“I have given my friend carte blanche authority to write the story about my life as he sees fit. He knows me well and he has witnessed over 5 plus years of the journey with me. His words along the way were of tremendous comfort and helped me while I was fighting the system.”

"I just want this story to inspire the next generation, so that others know that sometimes you do have to stand up and fight back against tyranny, in all its forms.”

Satinder Dhillon upon receiving his Emerging Leader award

“My advice to anyone fighting a system that is so entrenched now, would be that they should be strategic and humble when they are doing it because in this world, as hard as it is to believe, everyone is doing the best they can from their level of consciousness.”

“If and when a person finds themselves on a journey to fighting oppression of any kind, my advice now having gone through it myself, is that just think to yourself that you are fortunate enough that God chose you to fight that battle and the good you can do if you keep on fighting. Don’t look at it as a negative but rather an opportunity to test your own resilience and grow and learn while your soul is on this journey in the world we live in.”

YouTube comedian AKakaAmazing & Satinder Dhillon
“We are all truly one in the universe, in the ultimate sense of the word and have to learn through these growing pains of war, famine, and David versus Goliath stories until one day we don’t have to live in that paradigm anymore because we’ve grown out of it.”

“The evolution of the revolution is needed to get to the ultimate goal and as my good friend Kuldip Dhyani from Delhi says, ‘revolution begins from within’.” stated Dhillon.

"It might not be in our lifetime but we have to keep that in mind, that we need to always be thinking about the long term goals and what we can do in this lifetime to contribute to making the world a better place.”

“It gets hard sometimes but it’s the only way this life makes any sense to me, otherwise I would have given up a long time ago and just collapsed from all the stress and heartache that I had to endure along the way."

Satinder Dhillon at Whstling Woods International in Mumbai, India

"And as I said before, only God and I know what it was truly like along the way but I always believed that these days would come. Where I could look back on everything as a memory and not something that was consuming each and every waking breath of mine."

YouTube comedian Jus Reign, Babbu and Satinder Dhillon at the Gurudwara in Mission, B.C.

“I was told by a lot of people along the way to just quit and save myself and not try and fight a machine as big as what the government and corporations have built in the modern world.”

“I just couldn’t quit, it’s not in my blood and according to how I was raised by my parents. In the Sikh religion we don’t quit, we find a way. It’s the way of life that we’ve been taught. No doubt this journey and the choice to fight back came with many hardships but it was done for the greater good.”

"The way I look at it, I’m one of the fortunate ones. What about all those that go through much more difficult things than I or my team have and never have their voices heard?”

Malcolm X
(Slain civil rights leader - United States)

“Rather than just focus on the past and what has brought me to this point in life, I’m more interested these days in helping develop the voices of the future and having other marginalized voices heard that have been muzzled in much more severe ways than what’s happened to me. My team and I are working on alternatives to make the world a better place through new business ventures we are involved in, while raising awareness so the next generations doesn’t have to keep living in the same paradigm.”

“I’ve been working on some progressive projects with some very intelligent and accomplished people, that will be unveiled next year. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to have enough life left to see what I can do, without the shackles on me of constantly fighting against injustice in the Canadian court system.”

“I have lived to tell the story and for that I’m forever grateful. I used to think to myself along the way that if I can just live through all of this that one day it will make sense to everyone and the story will be told and I can get back to what I was originally doing, which was being an entrepreneur and getting involved in new ventures. I’m so very fortunate to still be alive to be doing what I’m doing, is the way I see my life now.” 

Brayden Sawatzky, Satinder Dhillon & Rodrigo Morales Ortiz
“It’s the ones suffering right at this moment, that need our help and we have to speak out and never back down, otherwise tyranny will rule the world completely, not just partially as it does now.”

“I thank God that Anjum and I met when we did and that he is wanting to write about all of this now. He’s doing it of his own accord and KPMG and the Canadian government can take it up with him now if they have any issues! This gives me time to focus on other things, finally. There are many other projects that Anjum could be doing and it's humbling that he would spend time and energy on this story over others."

Satinder Dhillon & John Legend

“I’m just glad I have a trusted friend in Anjum to write the story now. Jamshed is also there to make sure this gets done, even if something happens to me along the way, as he knows the whole case and my life, inside and out, as I continue to battle all this in the next rounds of court. It’s much easier now than the dark days I’ve seen, that’s for sure.”

“While I was in Mumbai this last time, I was asked to stay longer but I couldn’t, as I had to return to Canada due to the fact that I was involved with helping my close friend, Arjan Singh Bhullar, with the launch of his career into the UFC.” (

Satinder Dhillon & Arjan Bhullar at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia
“I felt like it was more important to help with this historic event for the South Asian community, so I told Anjum that we could do the rest of the work over the phone and skype from here on forward.”

“For his first fight in the UFC, Arjan chose to fight under the flag of India. This is a huge source of inspiration for young kids in India.”

“Arjan said it was a tough decision but he chose India to honor his roots and because he felt that because his father, mother, and grandparents were born there and that he learned from them all. He felt that he owed it to them to represent his roots on this next and probably last round of his athletic journey, before he moves on to the next phase of his life."

Sal Bhullar, Avtar Bhullar & Satinder Dhillon in Delhi

"Ideally he could have worn both flags on his gear but the UFC, which is the biggest (Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world), doesn’t allow that yet.”

“Arjan felt that he did all he could for Canada in his athletic career and he is proud to be Canadian and all the country has given him. He feels he owes it to India to take it on this journey with him into the cage out of respect for his elders."

Satinder Dhillon & Hardeep Bhullar in Edmonton at Arjan Bhullar's debut fight

"What would be absolutely amazing would be that if he would be allowed to wear the flag of the United Nations, which is what his mother wanted. That's the type of son she has raised, along with his father, because regardless of race or religion, Arjan represents the underdog and is the people’s champion the world over, first and foremost.”

Satinder Dhillon on a flight full of supporters on their way to Arjan Bhullar's debut fight at UFC 215 in Edmonton
Dhillon now has his own blog on the Huffington Post and the last post he made was about Arjan and his journey so far. (

Fittingly, Dhillon was given his own blog during his trial, which the Guardian Newspaper rated as the world’s most powerful. (

Prior to the trial beginning, Dhillon was offered a deal by the government, that if he apologized for writing the blogs and removed them, that he would be spared being charged under the 800 year old colonial era law and wouldn’t have to go to jail in the end. Dhillon refused the offer to remove the blogs and save himself and went to trial instead.

Upon conclusion of the trial, Dhillon was given the choice to either remove the blogs right then and there or be sent to prison. Dhillon refused to back down and stated that he would rather die than remove truthful blogs.

Satinder Dhillon, Shiamak Davar & Jamshed Mistry

“If a person has to start doing things like that in a country like Canada then what’s the point of living in a supposedly free society which was the whole reason why my parents came here in the first place” stated Dhillon, when asked why he didn’t just make his life easier and take the blogs down.

For his steadfast refusal to cower to the system and remove truthful blogs, he was awarded a stay in prison for a month. Of which he served one week (and even that was only because of technicalities deployed by the government, as he should have been out within a couple of hours after sentencing since he was appealing or not have had to go in at all until his appeal was heard). In the view of many, this was just another scare tactic that was used to try and intimidate Dhillon by the government. 

Dhillon’s week long prison stay is the stuff of legend now in the modern era, because of the reason why he was imprisoned. Until it happened many thought it was impossible that someone with no criminal history could be jailed for the mere allegation of blogging in a first world country like Canada.

With Sardar Singh Indian Field Hockey Legend

Along the way before he was even charged, let alone stood trial, Dhillon told anyone that would listen that he would surely be imprisoned in the end. As the whole trial was just a mechanism used to intimidate him and to try and get him to back down. Dhillon had stated that until the judge actually does it, that many people won’t understand what it’s really like, in places like Canada even, when the powers that be decide that they are going to destroy someone’s life.

In the end, Dhillon was proven right and he had actually already hired an attorney months before he was actually arrested because he knew the system was out to try and muzzle him and the extremes they would go to at the time.

The former prosecutor that he did hire at the time assured him that it would never happen, as he had worked for the government and told Dhillon that he hadn’t even done anything wrong, let alone had any reason to be charged.

Dhillon explained to him at the time how this “went all the way to the top, to the highest levels of government in Ottawa.”

Satinder Dhillon & Kay Dee (Kuldip Dhyani) at Whistling Woods International
Dhillon retained him anyway, even though the former prosecutor who worked for the government for almost a decade before going into private practice said he didn’t need a lawyer.

Dhillon clearly remembers walking out of the lawyer’s office in Abbotsford, B.C., having made a gentleman’s bet with him about whether or not it would happen. Shortly thereafter Dhillon was proven right and the former prosecutor and him had an interesting conversation from the precinct which will be documented in the film.

While in prison, Dhillon refused to eat any prison food the whole week he was forced to stay there, while his paperwork was delayed and delayed pending an appeal and he fasted. 

Dhillon went through all of this because he refused to remove truthful blogs from the internet even though he had corporations and the government pressuring him at every turn to do so.

Dhillon uses his platform now to empower others and help the world through his writing. His last blog was written about his friend Arjan Singh Bhullar and his father and their legendary careers in wrestling.

Satinder Dhillon interview with Gurpreet Grewal before UFC 215 in Edmonton:

Arjan was the first South Asian to compete in Freestyle wrestling for Canada, which is a source of great pride for South Asians in Canada and the world over. Dhillon also documents Bhullar’s MMA journey in the blog entitled – One Billion Strong -

Interview with Satinder Dhillon in Surrey B.C. after UFC215 in Edmonton:

“Satinder is a fighter in the truest sense of the word.” stated Bhullar when asked about his thoughts on his good friend and the work he has done in his life.

“I’m proud to call him a friend and for the strength he has shown through tremendously hard times in life. Ironically, it’s the journey he was on and the warrior like mentality he had in fighting back that actually brought us together in the first place.”

Satinder Dhillon & Arjan Bhullar at the University of the Fraser Valley

“It’s a unique story, how him and I met and one day we both hope it will be told after we’ve grown old and done our life’s work.”

Satinder Dhillon & Jaz Dhami and interviewed after Arjan Bhullar's UFC215 fight:

“We both hope that our life’s work amounts to creating some sort of positive change in this world. We both think the same in that respect and have discussed it many times. Us humans only have so much time on the planet, so my motto is let’s make it count and do something great and reach for something more.” added Bhullar

AKakaAmazing & Satinder Dhillon interviewed after Arjan Bhullar's UFC215 fight:

In the video below, Arjan chronicles his journey in sport and life and his family’s life and says the theme for him and his family has been. “Take a chance at life........risk it, go for greatness.”

“Satinder literally risked his life in more ways than one fighting the system in Canada and actually almost died after a crazy set of circumstances presented themselves right before his trial was to start. Then he risked his life by going to prison when he was offered a deal to stay out if he just took down the blogs.” stated Mistry.

“It’s all documented and can be read in the transcripts and affidavits from the court files. I was present in the courtroom in British Columbia the day that Dhillon had to argue whether or not he could use the truth to defend himself and I was there when he was sentenced. The whole thing is surreal and reads like a movie script, except it all really happened.”

"During his journey in the last six or seven years the advent of social media really helped Satinder and he has learned how to use that tool well and it helped him tremendously on his journey."

"Satinder is very resourceful and despite the hardships he has faced he is always looking for ways to bring people together and make the world a better place. Had it not been for social media Satinder’s life would be very different today, I’m sure. As Satinder says sometimes, ‘sometimes you find a way’ and sometimes ‘a way finds you’.” added Mistry.

A few days before Dhillon’s trial was to start, he almost died having lost so much blood that he was told he would most likely need a blood transfusion to survive. Dhillon refused to have the transfusion and put his faith in God and stated that the hospital should wait before they did anything like that.

Unbeknownst to him, he had developed an ulcer, which literally blew up only days before the trial was to start, due to an extraordinary amount of stress he was put under by the judge. Despite doctor’s orders to rest, Dhillon soldiered on and fought the trial himself without a lawyer. The reasons as to why all this happened are contained in an affidavit that is under seal currently in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Some of what happened is documented here, at the link below, in this affidavit that Dhillon prepared mere days after he had gotten out of the hospital and the trial had started. (

During the proceedings there was a yoga mat allowed into the court and a pillow, in case he had to lay down to rest during the trial. There was also a wheelchair in the courtroom that he had to rent and bring from the hospital in case he had to be taken to the emergency room if he collapsed during the trial. 

“It was a most unfortunate set of circumstances to make someone stand trial in that condition.” added a very perturbed Mistry when he was interviewed at his home in Mumbai.

"In fact his grandfather, who didn’t speak English, had an important procedure that didn’t happen because Satinder was supposed to be with him at the hospital and the judge didn’t allow Dhillon a small break to be with him. This cruel decision eventually contributed to his death. Even though he was elderly, had he had the procedure he would have lived longer."

Satinder's grandfather the late Mohan Singh Chandi

Documentary about Mohan Singh Chandi

"Despite all that has happened to him, Satinder does not hold ill will towards the judge or the Canadian government. He just wants his story to be told accurately, so it serves a purpose so that others don’t have to suffer the way he did.” said Mistry.

“Seeking revenge is not something that is going to change what happened. Justice and fair treatment, to set the record straight, are very different than revenge. We just want equality, that’s what Sikhs stand for in the world, equality for everyone.” stated Dhillon when he was interviewed at his home in Abbotsford, B.C.

“I’m fortunate I have lived to tell the story, it’s the ones suffering right at this moment still that need our help and I thank God that I met Anjum and Jamshed when I did and that they are willing to assist in writing about it all now, so that I can focus on other things. There are many other projects they could be doing and it's humbling that they would spend time and energy on this story over others."

Satnam Singh (first South Asian to be drafted into the NBA) & Satinder Dhillon

“Why was this young man dragged through all of this? Is the question Canadians should be asking the government. I mean this is just what happened before the trial. Satinder was literally arrested by 9 police officers and taken from his home into a holding cell and left there without food and water for hours on end in his pajamas and then interrogated and told by the police officers that he should not try and be like Malcolm X and Gandhi and that KPMG was out to “silence” him and that he had a “target on his back” stated Mistry. (

"Working with Satinder is about more than just a file for a client. It’s the legacy of his parents and his own life's work that cannot ever be destroyed, now that it's gotten to the stage whereby people like Anjum and myself are involved. The story will be told no matter what. Once it's made into a film, then it will live forever."

"There are many people that look up to Satinder in India and around the world, especially next generation. It's important that we help him get the message out there, which is universal in nature and that's the need for reform in our systems the world over and that every voice helps."

Satinder Dhillon with family & friends

"I’m proud of my friend and also relieved that he has come out on the other end of the tyranny with a smile on his face. It shook him up and a lot of people close to him but it didn’t break him and for this I am grateful that he is alive, first and foremost."

When asked for further comment, Mistry said that “I’ve known Satinder for many years now after we serendipitously met on one of my trips to Canada. This was well before his trial had happened. I’m shocked that something so brazen could happen in a country like Canada, whereby one of its own citizens could be treated in such a way. I mean to not be allowed to use the truth to defend yourself in court and to be jailed for writing blogs, is certainly far fetched in this modern era."

Satinder Sartaj & Satinder Dhillon
"What the system did to this young man’s life and the way he valiantly fought back is the stuff of legend now, back home in India and around the world and I’m very proud of him for what he did and how he maintained his sense of honour and sense of humor actually most of all."

"On his recent trip to Delhi and Mumbai it was great to see him in such high spirits after having braved some dark days that’s for sure. When he was here we spoke at length about his new projects that he is involved with, in New York and around the world and how he’s finally getting back on his feet after having been decimated by the powers that be in Canada, after having fought an 18+ year battle against the system over there.” concluded Mistry.

“I’m so proud of my friend for fighting back the way he did against corruption in Canada. I’m glad that I was on this journey with the team. Being in the trenches with one another brings you together in a way that only those that go through any kind of battle will understand.” stated Emmet Pierce who assisted Dhillon during his trial tremendously.

Emmet Pierce & Satinder Dhillon

“I’m very proud of Satinder. He has been a great friend and he’s been a loyal supporter of mine through ups and downs and thick and thin. We both know what we’ve faced at the hands of the system in Canada and it was our belief in a higher power that brought us through on the other side. He is blessed to have a great mother that supported us both on this journey and we are both thankful to God, above all else, to be standing today to live and tell the story.” stated Erwin Singh Braich.

“He has great vision that’s the thing about Satinder. His vision is something we can all get behind and we did. He is trying to make the world a better place and the challenges he’s faced has only made him develop the skill set to do so in a more effective way. He’s become a great organizer through the whole process he’s been through and as he says, to be the CEO he’s learned that you have to know how to be the janitor first.” stated Luke Meijer, a friend of Satinder’s.

Emmet Pierce, Satinder Dhillon & Luke Meijer

“I’m so grateful to have the support of so many different people, from so many different walks of life, from so many countries.”

“For a kid who grew up on a farm in a small town, to be able to do things now in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, New York, Los Angeles and other place around the globe still seems surreal at times.” stated Satinder.

“Satinder has warrior’s blood in him that’s for sure. Him and I have been in touch for many years and I’m proud to be working with him now as well.” stated Hip Hop artist Lazaraus AKA Dr. Kamran Rashid who is a practicing physician in Las Vegas now and is originally from Detroit.

“He has the same vision that I do, to help the world and that’s very important to me in my careers whether it’s in Hip Hop or at the hospital where I work.”

Satinder Dhillon with his cousin Vickram Chandi and his friend Luke Meijer

“Satinder wrote a blog on Huffington Post about exactly how I feel about America today and we have projects we have been working on for a while that we will be releasing next year. He’s followed my journey for many, many years and I’ve followed his. We need more people like him in this world.” added Lazarus. 

Fearless is the title of the blog Dhillon has written about Lazarus and it can be viewed here:

Man on a Mission is one of Lazarus’ latest releases: 

At this link here you can see an excerpt from his song about Donald Trump’s America:

Here’s the full video of the song Fearless:

And Awaaz is one of his Lazarus’ older releases that features the legendary Mohammed Rafi and speaks about oppression and using your voice. It is in English and Punjabi:

Underdog by Lazarus featuring Royce Da 5’9

“Satinder is a proud Sikh and a proud warrior and he feels as if the pen or the keyboard in today’s era is truly his sword. He credits his belief in a higher power and Sikh values for helping him tremendously along his journey.” stated his friend Jasveer Singh from the U.K., who is the Senior Press Officer for the Sikh Press Association and met with Satinder and members of his team on his recent trip to Canada.

“You can never count Satinder out. He may get knocked down in life from time to time but he always manages to get back up and keep going and that’s what we love about him.” Enrique Vidal who has known Satinder for many years.

Enrique Vidal & Satinder Dhillon

 “He’s a hero to many in the community now, especially for the underdogs in life. Many people thought he was crazy to be fighting back the way he was. He proved to the world what a determined individual can do with the right support system around him and we admire his never give up spirit.” stated Vinay Sharma who fearlessly covered his story for the Times of Canada. 

“I still remember clearly when I met Satinder for the first time a few years ago in Mumbai after I was introduced to him by Jamshed Mistry. Satinder was still fighting the trial at that point and had a lot of fight left yet to fight ahead of him.” 

“It was incredible to see and the passion with which he spoke and how determined he was to fight back, no matter the risk to his own life.”

Satinder Dhillon and Gayathiri Guliani during her visit to Vancouver
“It is commendable what he has done and I am very proud of him.” stated Gayathiri Guliani, who is currently the head of international distribution for Sony Pictures Entertainment in India and formerly worked at Reliance Big Pictures. Having set up their international distribution department and released movies such as 3 Idiots, Singh is King and Ghajini. (

“People in the homeland of Punjab are very proud of Satinder. He has fought a long hard battle for freedom of speech and it was no small thing to continue to fight when your life is threatened the way his was.” stated Anup Kumar who also met Satinder on his recent trip to India and lives in Chandigarh.

Satinder Dhillon, Anup Kumar, King Kazi and Teflon Don

Kumar is the former manager of Honey Singh and together they made history, with Honey Singh becoming one of the best-selling artists ever in Indian history. Currently Kumar manages Harbhajan Mann, Manak Ali, Bups Saggu and Brown Gal among others (

“I’ve met a lot of people in my life but none quite like Satinder. He’s shown himself to be fearless in the face of tyranny and we are all very proud of him. Big things are planned for 2018 and when Jamshed Mistry, our mutual friend, introduced me to him a couple of years ago, I was able to share my story with him and he has helped put me on a path to share my talent with the world in a way that I hadn’t thought of before. He’s innovative and very creative himself and we’ve got big plans.” stated Teflon Don as he’s known in the music industry.

Teflon is known for having played a huge role in the Indian music industry, having helped pioneer a new sound for Indian music. He was instrumental in creating superstars such as Yo Yo Honey Singh, having funded and advised him in the beginning. He has also arranged for one of the biggest music collaborations in Bollywood history for Akshay Kumar’s movie Singh is Kinng (sic), between Snoop Dogg and Manj Musik, formerly of RDB.

Jaz Dhami, Nate Diaz, Jup Gill, Manj Musik & Satinder Dhillon

Teflon has worked with many of the biggest and best artists in India and abroad, such as Mika Singh, Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal, Ray J, G-Unit, C-BO, Tupac’s Outlaws, Yukmouth, Tech9ne, the late Chris Lighty, Hardik Dave (founder of Desi Hip-Hop), Shameer Tandon, Govinda, Rock Jacobs, Jup Gill, and many many others from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Teflon launched IMM Entertainment in 2012 and released an album in collaboration with Universal Music.

“Satinder’s vision of bringing things together is incredible and it’s amazing how he’s able to handle pressure and keep on moving forward. He’s able to bring people together from all walks of life and I admire the way he’s able to do that. He sees the good in people and tries to nurture that and have that be the dominant part of their lives.” stated Roop Bhandher.

Satinder Dhillon, Jaz Dhami, Manj Musik, Teflon Don, Roop Bhandher & Jup Gill

Bhandher, who owns Hush Entertainment, has run his event management company, doing tours and events for over 15 years. Most recently he did a charity show with Sharry Mann in Pentiction B.C. that raised money for the Penticton Regional Hospital, in honor of his cousin who passed away many years ago.

“To me it’s very important go give back to the community, as I consider myself very fortunate to have overcome some very hard times in life myself.” added Bhandher.

Bhandher has done tours for mainstream artists and ones from overseas. He has worked with artists such as Imran Khan, Dr. Zeus, B21, K.S. Makhan, Kuldip Manak, Yudvir Manak, Juggy D,, Mumzy Stranger, Jassi Sidhu, Ranjit Bawa, Sharry Mann, Ammy Virk, Rana Ranbir, Fateh PBN, Culture Shock, Mickey Singh, Juvenile, Chamillionaire, Maino, Outlaws, Kent Jones, Superwoman, Humble the Poet, AKakaAmazing, French Montana, and many more.

Sonny Brown, Goldy Dhaliwal, Battlekat, Enrique Vidal, Emmet Pierce, AKakaAmazing & Satinder Dhillon

He is also runs an international trading house and has offices in Guangzhou, China, Calgary, Alberta and Oliver, British Columbia.

“Every human is born with a voice to express and is the reflection of the environment which he or she lives in. Being a part of the human race we can collectively do better if we keep grounded and understand the complexity of life and the situations that arise from the current paradigm we live in."

“The future is now and we need to end unnecessary suffering in the world.” stated Kuldeep Dhyani from his Delhi home.

Kay Dee & Satinder Dhillon in Delhi
Dhyani who is known as Kay Dee in the entertainment industry has his own production company and has worked with the United Nations and is well known in music and entertainment circles in India. He comes from humble beginnings and has worked with artists like Yo Yo Honey Singh among others and is currently editing multiple short documentaries about Dhillon’s life.

“I’ve known of Satinder for a while now and it was great to meet him in person when he came to India. We became very good friends and he has been an inspiration to me and my friends. We are working on new and progressive projects together and his back story, while fascinating, isn’t all that he’s been doing. Satinder is much more focused on the future than the past and the future looks bright.”

Satinder Dhillon, Kay Dee & Gaurav Almal

“My father works for the Indian government and since I was born he has explained to me the importance of an inclusive society. Meeting Satinder when he was in Delhi recently and having him come and visit my family while he was here, we all realized how much we all have in common. My father and him literally had almost the same types of pictures up on Facebook with their mothers and my grandma and Satinder’s grandma have similar traits. It’s awesome that in today’s world technology has brought us all much closer in a lot of ways and that is one of the great benefits of the technological revolution that has occurred in the world.” added Dhyani.

Kuldip Dhyani, Satinder Dhillon at the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in New Delhi

"I've never seen something like this happen in Canada in recent memory. I have gone to the courthouse and listened to the audio recordings from the court hearings and I literally couldn't believe my ears when I heard what the judge was saying. How can a person not be allowed to use the truth in a court of law in Canada? And then have to go to jail for posting truthful blogs? Why?"

I'm very proud of my friend for fighting back and not backing down. Even after they arrested him and told him not to be like Malcolm X and Gandhi. What KPMG and the government did together is unprecedented in Canada. Where is the oversight? Who's watching over things lke this to make sure corporations don't run over citizens like this?" questioned Gurtaj "Goldy" Singh Dhaliwal, a realtor who works at Century 21 Coastal Realty in Surrey and a good friend of Dhillon's.

After his brief prison stay, in which Dhillon says he learned a lot about how even the prison system is in much need of reform, Dhillon was given the award for Emerging Leader, by the Times of Canada. (

Satinder Dhillon receives award for Emerging Leader:

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